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Social entrepreneurs' stories held at the Cvajner Gallery in Pula

Tales of social entrepreneurs took place at the Cvajner Gallery on Monday (June 27th). Namely, this was an informal meeting where the socio-entrepreneurial experiences of the directors of the social enterprise Punkt, Danijela Kasumović Maružin and the director of the ACT Group, Teodor Petričević, could be heard in talks with the foundation's manager, Helga Možé. In a relaxed atmosphere, participants talked about their first encounters with...

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Public call - education for mentors/work assistants

As part of the project "Development and support for the development of sustainable employment models for vulnerable groups in the urban area of ​​Pula", training for mentors/work assistants is organized. The goal of the training is to introduce future work assistants (mentors) to how to help, assist and be with the person of the vulnerable group who is being employed. You will be introduced to the role of work...

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Networking for small community projects was held

Last and the week before last, networking of stakeholders was held in local communities of members of the Fund of Cities and Municipalities. Networking in cooperation with cities and municipalities was held according to the following schedule: - Tuesday, 10.05. in Vodnjan-Dignano - Wednesday, 11.05. in Medulin - Monday, 16.05. in Vižinada-Visinada - Tuesday, 17.05. in Liznjan-Lisignano - Wednesday, 18.05. in Rovinj-Rovigno - and on Thursday, 19.05. in Tara-Vabriga - Torre-Abrega. The networking was attended...

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Successful symposium on the construction of restorative cities

Last week, Tuesday, May 3, 2022.  The symposium "Restorative Cities: The Road to a More Inclusive and Fairer Society"  was successfully held in the Istrian Parliament in Poreč as an activity carried out within the Erasmus + project Mediarej. Mediation and restorative practices have proven their positive long-term effect on individuals and communities in several countries where they have been introduced as a way to meet the needs...

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A set of training for vulnerable groups begins

As part of the project "Development and support for the development of sustainable employment models for vulnerable groups in the urban area of ​​Pula", several pieces of training will be held for vulnerable groups who want to be further educated and prepared for future employment. Through working on oneself, practising communication styles, becoming aware of roles in communication, society or business relationships, practising a foreign language, adopting ways to use...

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A good foundation has been laid to support the development of social innovation and social entrepreneurship in Istria

The Foundation for Partnership and Civil Society Development and the Public Institution Regional Coordinator of Istria County for European Programs and Funds today held the final conference of the Project +Resilient "Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship in Istria: What and how to proceed?" In the Italian Community in Pula - Circolo. This event brought together about 50 individuals, members and representatives of associations, institutions, local and regional self-government units, representatives of...

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