The Foundation promotes the active participation of all members of society, improves social connections and works on the achievement of a fairer social environment for all citizens. It also influences the development of intersectoral partnership by connecting the public, civil and business sectors with the scope of working for the common good.

Since its beginnings to this day, the role of the Foundation has mainly manifested through the numerous projects of civil society development funded by it. Thus, through 48 issued tenders in the period from May 2007. to December 2016 with 5.617.024,79 HRK worth of grants, over 250 civil society organisations have been financed to conduct their activities of interest to the wider local community. Up to 722.875 beneficiaries and 854 volunteers took part of those projects. Such a transparent and objective mode of allocating funds to civil society organisations has enabled a fairer distribution of funds to the best local community development projects.

Well prepared and designed tender documentation aligned with the national and European practise contributes to the creation of a supportive environment for the development of an active civil sector. By answering our calls for tender with their projects, civil society organisations gain experience in writing project proposals and the application procedure, and those who are chosen for financing also gain experience in project management and report writing. A sustainable civil sector ready for the greater challenges and possibilities offered by the EU through its funds is thus developed.

The Foundation conducted numerous activities through 20 European projects (worth over 2.700.000,00 EUR) and transferred European values (civic activism, multiculturality, equality, philanthropy, democracy,…) to the local level and thus became a welcomed guest on various presentations of good practise.

In 2007 the role of the Foundation was recognised by the National Foundation for the Development of Civil Society Development. All the regional foundations signed a contract to implement the Decentralized model of providing financial support in cooperation with the National Foundation for Civil Society. This cooperation enables the Foundation to open tenders for civil actions “Our Contribution to Society” twice a year for organizations from 3 different regions - Istrian County, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, and Lika-Senj County, and since 2014 the number of regins increased, and the Foundation now covers 5 regions: Istrian County, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Sisak-Moslavina County, Krapina-Zagorje County and Karlovac County. In 2013 the Foundation signed an agreement for cooperation in the implementation of the Extended decentralized model of providing financial support that gave the Foundation a greater task. Beside the tender for civil initiatives the Foundation now works as an executive body for Government bodies for the area of the same 5 counties. Based on this agreement Foundation carries out the tender procedures for the following state bodies: Ministry of health, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Social Policy and Youth, Office for Combating Narcotic Drugs Abuse.

The Foundation’s representatives take part in various national structures: the Council for the development of the civil society, the National committee for the coordination of the Republic of Croatia’s participation in programs of transnational and interregional cooperation, and macro regional EU strategies for RC for the 2014.-2020. period, the Steering committee for the operative program Human potential development relative to the first generation of the structural funds, the Croatian alliance for active citizenship, the Croatian foundation network and the Foundation forum “ZaDobroBIT“. Thus, they are present at the pinnacle of decision making related to the development of the civil sector.

The Foundation has contributed to the better distribution of information to civil society organisations about current calls for tender, regulations, potential partners, writing and conducting projects, etc., all through the daily updated website and facebook page, monthly newsletter sent to over 1300 civil society organisation, presentations of calls for tender in 6 counties, 6 Info days for civil society organizations and over 200 national and international events it participated in.