General info

The Foundation for Partnership and Civil Society Development is a non-profit organization that encourages international and cross-sectoral cooperation and networking and develops an awareness of philanthropic and democratic values, all of this in order to develop a local community to fit the needs of all citizens. It was established on the 4th October 2006 by the Istrian Region.


The mission of the Foundation is to create an active civil society that collaborating with public and private sector contributes to the development of local communities.


The vision of the Foundation is a well developed local community that fits the needs of all citizens.

The Foundation has three essential functions:

a) INFORMATIONAL: provides current information on civil society through its website, social networks (Facebook, Linkedin), publications, press releases and announcements and the monthly newsletter 'E-trokut'. In addition, the Foundation’s team is available for inquiries every weekday.

b) EDUCATIONAL: organizes and participates in workshops, seminars, roundtables, and other events on the topic of civil society in order to encourage dialogue between all participants in the community. The Foundation draws up and implements projects in association with national and international partners, thus allowing the transfer of European experiences and knowledge to the local level.

c) FINANCIAL: invites tenders for projects and civic initiatives by civil society organizations all-year-round, thus contributing to the improvement of life in the local community. The Foundation awards funds to the highest quality applications, based on the pre-set and publicly available criteria.

Values that are the basis of the Foundation’s activities are:
respect for human rights
transparency of activities
cooperation and dialogue between all participants in the community
information availability
tolerance and respect for diversity
networking and partnership
cross-sectoral cooperation

Foundation director
Helga Možè

Management board
Igor Macan, President
Michela Blagonić, member
Maria Črnac Rocco, member
Jelena Brščić, member
Davor Pinzan, member